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What is medical writing?

Medical writing is a science which deals with the creation of scientific documents. A medical writer who has taken up a medical writing course will create these documents. To create these documents, a medical writer works closely with scientists, other subject matter experts and doctors. Thus, a medical writer who has studied creates effective documentation that will define results of the research conducted by medical personnel and product use. In other words, medical writing involves creation of scientific documents of different types including regulatory and research related documents, disease or drug-related educational and promotional literature, publication articles like journal manuscripts and abstracts, content for healthcare websites, health related magazines or news.

Medical writing is a science which is taught in medical writing course. Here we apply the principles of clinical research in developing clinical trial documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use and other medical information. Medical writers who have taken up are tasked with developing any of the five modules of the Common Technical Document. Medical writers also ensure that the documents prepared by them comply with regulatory, journal or other guidelines in terms of content, format and structure. Medical writing as a function established itself in the pharmaceutical industry and contract research organization industry when the industry acknowledged that preparing documents in medicine requires special skills.

There are two types of medical writing as taught in the medical writing course. One of them is called regulatory medical writing and the other is educational medical writing. Regulatory medical writing involves creating documents required by the regulatory agencies in the approval process of drugs, devices and biologics. Regulatory documents can be huge and are formulaic. They include clinical research protocols, clinical study reports, patient informed consent forms, investigator brochures and summary documents (e.g. in Common Technical Document format) that summarizes and discusses the data that a company gathers in the course of developing a medical product. Regulatory medical writing which is covered in should comply with the best practices followed in the healthcare industry.

Educational medical writing involves writing documents about drugs, devices and biologics for general audiences, and for specific audiences like healthcare professionals. Such documents include sales literature for newly launched drugs, data presentations for medical conferences, medical journal articles for nurses, physicians and pharmacists, consumer education and programs and enduring materials for continuing education or continuing medical education as per medical writing course. This type of plays a very important role in promotion of various pharmaceutical brands both to the HCPs and the consumers. Different types of communication use different media to present the writings. Other types of medical writing include journalism and marketing. Both of these writings can have a medical writing focus. Regardless of the type of medical writing, companies get their work done in-house or outsource it to a freelance medical writer.

Medical writing involves creating well-structured documents including clinical research documents, content for healthcare websites, health magazines, journals and news.

Regulatory medical writing as defined in medical writing course involves writing documents for regulatory agencies seeking approval for devices, drugs and biologics. Medical writers are increasingly in demand to convey new information to healthcare professionals as well as the general public. So is the Nowadays, medical writers have turned to becoming full-time freelance medical writers. Expert medical writers are of the opinion that medical writing is just different. It’s competitive and has very long hours. Additionally, looming deadlines can make this a very stressful profession.

Top 10 Medical Writing Certifications Online

1. Medical Writing Course from Henry Harvin

This is a one of a kind medical writing course which helps a person get a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico marketing writing. You can strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a medical and scientific writer who has undergone the medical writing online courseThe Certified Medical Writer certification is the key to your success in the field of medical or scientific writing. In today’s market, this is one of the best medical writing courses in India. This course imparts Henry Harvin’s signature training where a lot of time and resources have been carefully invested in ensuring only the most relevant knowledge is imparted to the students. What is more, Henry Harvin is giving a money back guarantee in that if you are not satisfied with their medical writing course, post the completion of the first session, they will refund you the entire amount.

2. Clinical research course online

This course is committed to deliver industry oriented training. This live critical medical writing course trains you on the basics of clinical research. You can now enhance your career to the next level by developing your technical knowledge with industry standard. In the past few batches, the institute has witnessed participation of many life science students and professionals all of whom are taking part in the medical writing online course. Most of them are now working with Fortune 500 and global CRO, Pharma and IT companies. This course is imparted by an ISO 9001: 2015 certified clinical research training institute where students attend live lectures and get LMS access. Clini India is now becoming a hub for clinical research as the demand for these professionals is growing rapidly. This makes it an interesting career option with massive growth potential. Clinical research industry is all set to become the next big thing in India.

3. Freelance Medical Writing from Udemy

This course helps you to decide whether medical writing is an appropriate career choice for you to pursue. The requirements for taking this course are an advanced degree in science (eg. MD or PhD), English fluency and writing ability. Professionals who are in a scientific or medical career and are experiencing burnout or they just want to spend more time at home with their families, then this medical writing course is for them. Medical writing online course is a career choice that few people have heard about. However, for someone with a strong science background and writing ability, medical writing is a great way to earn a substantial income working from the comfort of your own home. In this course, students will be introduced to medical writing as a career choice. Topics like what medical writing is and what it is not, genres of medical writing, the importance of writing ability, and such other topics will be discussed.


Coursera offers a course called writing in the sciences, which is nothing but a medical writing course. This course teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant writing, ethical issues in scientific publication and writing for general audiences. Through this medical writing online course the student will hone his grammar, medical writing skills, science communication and writing skills. This course is offered by the Leland Standord University, commonly referred to as Stanford University or merely Stanford. This university is situated in California. This course will take fifty nine hours to complete. The course content comprises of 8 units of study material that covers all the aspects of scientific or medical writing. This course is very comprehensive and among the most popular courses for medical professionals to take.

5. Institute of good manufacturing practices India

This institute also conducts an industry certification in medical writing course. This course is an industry certificate program designed keeping in mind the zest and vigour among industry employees to know and experience work areas other than their own. This skill improvement and extra training helps in the lateral movement of employees within the company. IGMPI offers an industry certificate in medical writing online course. In this program the time related concerns and issues of working candidates have been answered in the form of a part-time course, designed to provide a comfortable working schedule of employees white guiding and training them about each major to minor detail of the clinical research industry at their convenient pace. This e-learning program offers benefits like

  • Online learning
  • Executive learning
  • Focus on strength

6. James Lind Institute

This institute also has a professional diploma in medical writing course. This is an online medical writing online course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of both pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-marketing writing. This will boost your skills as a medical and scientific writer. It is a four to six months self paced program which can be extended until eighteen months. A student need not spend more than 10-15 hours per week to complete this course. The curriculum for this program is extensive and has been developed and evaluated by experienced medical writing professionals and is fully endorsed by the industry. This training program is suitable for both new graduates and working professionals who wish to grow further in their medical writing career or who wish to make a move to medical/scientific writing from any other related sector. This is an online course which is carried out using a laptop and an internet connection. You may also require your mobile phone to talk to your trainers.

7. Symbiosis six months certificate program in medical writing

The requirement for well trained and qualified medical and scientific writers who have taken a certification in medical writing course is increasing day by day. Writing professionals who can accurately script and interpret complex clinical research and statistical data are increasing in demand. Those who can tailor the information for regulators, policy makers, scientific community, investors as well as the general public are increasing in demand. Healthcare domains like pharma, medical-device companies, clinical research organizations, academic institutions publishers offer alluring career path for aspiring academicians and post-doctoral students, scientists and researchers. Proficiency in medical and scientific writing is now a minimum requirement for professionals who wish to go for teaching. Catering to the paucity of credible learning options this program aims at providing comprehensive insights on medical, regulatory and scientific writing to those aspirants wishing to add a significant value to their career.

8. James Lind Institute

The James Lind Institute also offers an advanced Post Graduate Diploma in clinical research and medical writing. This course is a self-paced course which may be completed in 6-8 months (with the option to complete it in a maximum 24 months), and which requires time commitment of 10-15 hours per week. In addition to clinical research, this advanced training program in medical writing course trains a person to write documents such as medical case reports, clinical trial reports, study protocols, and various other regulatory and medico-marketing documents. This course has a total credits of 32. The curriculum of this program is extensive, and has been developed and evaluated by experienced industry professionals and is fully endorsed by the clinical research industry. This program is for new graduates and also for working professionals who would like to make a lateral shift to the clinical research or medical writing industry.

9. Emediwrite Pvt. Ltd.

Emediwrite has come up with training with certificate in medical writing course. This course gives practical hands on training to students. Medical writing is a very good field for science and medical graduates aspiring to make a career in the corporate world. Even young mothers who have to look after their new-born can opt for this course. A person just needs to have a good command over English language, good clinical knowledge and excellent PC skills in order to make a career in this field. Students who wish to venture into the field of medical writing are encouraged to take up this medical writing online course.

10. Biomed Informatics

Biomed Informatics Medwin Hospitals have come out with best medical writing course in Hyderabad. This course can be administered online and one need not go to Hyderabad for the same. This training is for professionals who would like to take up medical writing online course to change their careers or to grow in the medical writing field. This institute offers web based classrooms, one faculty/student, placement support, regular/fast-track/weekend individual slot, flexible timings, and skype or teamviewer training. Students are awarded the course certificate and the experience certificate at the end of the course.

Who can be a medical writer?

Becoming a medical writer by taking a medical writing course usually requires an individual to be certified by the American Medical Writers Association or AMWA as it is abbreviated. In order to get certification, an individual will need to have at least two years of experience in the field of medical communications. The individual will also need to take an examination called the Medical Writing Certification Examination. You can also join the council of science editors. This is a premier industry organization for medical editors. An individual wanting to break into medical writing should get familiar with PubMed, take up a qualification in medical writing online course, and sign up for the Hit List and Learn AMA style of formatting text.

An individual can improve his or her medical writing skills by building their knowledge in the medical field and taking certification in the medical writing course. He should have a basic understanding of terminology used in life sciences. Additionally, he will also have to sharpen his analytical and statistical skills. One will require staying consistent and taking ownership for one’s work. An individual wishing to pursue medical writing will also have to keep himself up to date on the happenings in the field of medicine and in the medical writing online course. One can also become a certified medical writing professional by obtaining a certification in Medical Writing. Obtaining a certification in Medical Writing is not a cakewalk.

Medical writing and editing is not an easy field to embrace. Research it and be sure you want to work hard to get your foot in the door. This field is also very competitive. Just like in the media business, the slow economic recovery means that even more candidates will vie for jobs in this field. Although, the minimum requirements or eligibility criteria to take up a certification in medical writer course to be a medical writer varies from organization to organization, we can review some eligibility criteria to hold a medical writer position when taking a medical writer course online. Bachelor or masters degree in any life-science related field is recommended by not mandatory.  

Medical writers compile, write, and edit medical writing deliverables covering all phases of clinical research for submission to regulatory agencies as per guidelines given in medical writing course. . Medical writers help write studies for submissions to the FDA using their medical writing online course certification. Their writing is also used in publications or medical journals, or for internal company use. Demand for medical writers is on a fiercely increasing trend. Nevertheless, it can provide exhilarating career options to a life-science graduate/post-graduate/PhD individual having the right kind of aptitude and skills. Today medical writers are increasingly in demand to convey new information to healthcare professionals as well as to the general public.

One can easily become a good medical writer by compiling a portfolio and taking up a medical writing online course. A portfolio is one of the most important assets one can have as a medical writer who has passed his medical writing course.  One can also make a website for himself. He can contribute to his own industry, take those professional leaps and take online medical writing courses. Additionally, he also needs to get the right medical writing tools. Every expert medical writer worth his salt will know what tools are being used in the industry by other medical writers. So he should keep himself abreast of all these tools so that if the need arises, he can easily procure the tool and use it to submit effective medical writing pieces.


There’s no shortage of scientists who have not pursued their medical writing course reach a certain stage in their research career and want to opt out of their careers. They are so bored of their work that they want FREEDOM in the form of taking a qualification in medical writing online course. Whatever the trigger, they want to sever ties with their profession. Maybe they’re PhD students, maybe they’re PIs. Whatever stage they are at, they’ve come to the decision that they will become medical writers. Some extreme types even enjoyed writing their PhD theses. There are many such professionals who have been bitten by the writing bug and are exploring options to work as medical or science writers.

So if you’ve a burning desire to do science, just not at the bench, have a penchant for the words and a longing to sit in the coffee shop with your mac, typing away at your medical writing assignment, then you’re probably wondering how to get into medical writing? What are your options? Is there any cash? Do I need a mac? Well, then you need to sit back, grab a coffee and explore the world of science writing by taking a certification course in medical writing course. . This is a relatively new field and it is yet to mature enough for science writers to enjoy an online course through medical writer course online consider getting organized. Work is available in the unorganized industry for scientific writers.

The profession of a science journalist who has taken up a medical writer course is attractive for someone who likes to read the newspapers and is in the medical profession. The holy grail for many. Romping around the globe, interviewing scientists, hobnobbing at conferences, and jotting down juicy deets for your front page feature. You’ve probably set your sights on something like New Scientist, Scientific American or maybe even Nature after taking your medical writer course online. The profession of a science writer is very interesting. It has its pros and cons. As a science writer you can send your features to places where you would like to get published. They may not pay you, but at least your name is in their journal.

The profession of a medical writer who has taken up medical writing course is equally attractive. This is where a number of aspiring medical writers start off because the adverts are so abundant and working in “medcomms” seems rather sexy. Medical writers who have passed the medical writing online course work at agencies who write for people like Pharma. It goes something like this: Pharma runs a clinical trial and generates a clinical study report. They need to turn this into peer-reviewed articles, talks, and marketing material. That is your job as a medical writing agency. A medical writer can start applying to medical writing jobs. On Linkedin, a medical writer will be pounced upon by recruiters in no time.

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